Training Materials Used in CAPP in the Philippines (2009-2010)

Inception workshop:
Download complete package
(ZIP | 20Mb)

  • Philippines Inception Workshop agenda (PDF)
  • Presentations:
    • Introduction to the project and the SAICM context Philippines (PDF)
    • Introduction to Chemical Accidents (PDF, PPT)
    • The evolution of major chemical accidents regulation (PDF, PPT)
    • Explanation of the Flexible Framework Guidance Philippines Inception Workshop (PDF)
    • Starting Up Chemical Accident Prevention Programmes Philippines (PDF)
    • Components of a Chemical Accidents Programme Philippines Inception Workshop (PDF)
    • Other UN related initiatives and resources Philippines Inception Workshop (PDF)
    • Project detailed explanation Philippines Inception Workshop (PDF)
    • UNEP related initiatives Philippines Inception Workshop (PDF)

Training Workshop 7-11 Dec 2009:
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(ZIP | 40Mb)

  • Training Module 0:
    • Module 0 Session 0 Course Overview (PDF, PPT)
    • Module 0 Session 1 Review of the Project Objectives (PDF, PPT)
  • Training Module 1:
    • Module 1 Session 1 Group Discussion on Praxier Cylinder Vedio (PDF, PPT)
    • Module 1 Session 1 Introduction to Potential Hazardous Activities (PDF)
    • Module 1 Session 2 Group Discussion on Eschende Fireworks Explosio (PDF)
    • Module 1 Session 2 Potential Hazardous Activities (PDF, PPT)
    • Module 1 Session 3 Potential Hazardous Activities in the Philippines (PDF, PPT)
  • Training Module 2:
    • Module 2 Session 1 Overview of Flexible Framework (PDF, PPT)
    • Module 2 Session 2 Institutional settings in the Philippines (PDF, PPT)
    • Module 2 Session 3 Table Elements of the CAPP (PDF, PPT)
  • Training Module 3:
    • Module 3 Session 1 Group Discussion on Defininig Scope (PDF)
    • Module 3 Session 1 Scope Introduction (PDF)
    • Module 3 Session 2 Role of Competent Authorities General Overview (PDF)
    • Module 3 Session 4 Information Management (PDF)
    • Module 3 Session 5 Roles of Competent Authorities and APELL (PDF)
    • Module 3 Session 6 Existing Resources (PDF)
    • Module 3 Session 7 Role of Competent Authorities (Inspections) (PDF)
    • Module 3 Session 8 Role of Competent Authorities Inspections 2 (PDF)
  • Training Module 4:
    • Exercise (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 1 Requirements of Industry (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 2 Hazard Identification (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 2 HAZOP exercise (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 3 Risk Assessment (PDF)
    • Module 4 session 4 Risk Communication and Risk Perception (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 5 Accident Reporting (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 6 Prevention Policy - Safety Management Systems (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 8 Safety Reports (PDF)
    • Module 4 Session 9 Assessment of Safety Reports (PDF)
  • Training Module 5:
    • Module 5 Session 1 Next_Steps (PDF, PPT)
  • Training Session Agenda, Philippines, December 2009 (PDF)
1 Taskforce workshop:
Download complete package
(ZIP | 2Mb)
  • Agenda 1 Taskforce meeting (PDF, DOC)
  • Key Actions of the Taskforce (PDF, PPT)
  • Outline of the Country Situation Report on CAPP (PDF, PPT)
  • Outline of the Needs Assessment Report on CAPP(PDF, PPT)
Closure Meeting:
Download complete package
(ZIP | 0.08Mb)
  • Philippines AGENDA Closure Meeting (PDF)
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