Training Materials Used in CAPP Sri Lanka (2013)

Inception Workshop:
Download complete package
(ZIP | 34Mb)
  • Inception Workshop Agenda
  • Inception Workshop Participants list
  • Day 1:
    • Overview of the Inception Workshop
    • Introduction to Chemical Accidents
    • Benefits of Improved CAPP Programme
    • Institutional and legal frameworks
    • Current legal aspects in CAPP in Sri Lanka
    • Present situation and experiences on CAPP in Sri Lanka
    • Purpose and content of FF and CAPP-SL Project
  • Day 2
    • Discussion team members
    • Group A- Hazardous facilities&substances-Afternoon
    • Group A- Hazardous facilities&substances-Afternoon
    • Group A- Hazardous facilities&substances-Morning
    • Group B-Regulation-Afternoon
    • Group B-Regulations-Morning
    • Group C-Training-Afternoon
    • Group C-Training-Morning
    • Group D-Task Force-Afternoon
    • Group D-Task Force-Morning
    • Group Work ToR
    • CAPP Programme Project for Cambodia
    • CAPP Pilot Project Implementation in the Philippines
    • Safer Production activities in Asia Pacific Region
    • Responsible Production in Sri Lanka Samantha Kumarasena
    • Hazardous chemical Management- Seminar
  • Inception Workshop Report (PDF | 832 Kb)
1st Training:
Download complete package
(ZIP | 91Mb)
  • CAPP-SL 1st Introductory Training Workshop Agenda
  • Course overview & Expectation review
  • Review of the CAPP-SL Project Objectives, Activities and Outputs
  •  Country Situation Report
  • Hazardous substances and classification
  • Introduction to Hazardous Activities Fire Accident
  • Explanation Video on Fire Accident in Warehouse Chemie-Pack
  • Video on Fire Accident in Chemie-Pack in the Netherlands
  • Lessons Learned in the video on Fire Accident in Waarehouse Chemie-Pack
  • Lessons to learn Fire Accident
  • Group Work and Discussion on Hazardous Activities in Sri Lanka
  • Flexible Framework and CAPP Programme development
  • Overview of elements of the CAPP Programme
  • Role of Competent Authorities
  • Role of Competent Authorities
  • Roles and Requirements of Industry
  • Current Elements of CAPP Programme in Thailand
  • CAPP for Thailand Chemical Industry FTI
  • Map Ta Phut Complex
  • PTTGC Overview
  • IEAT Presentation
  • PTT Global Company
    • Emergency Exercise
    • Emergency Plan
    • Fire Prevention
    • Fire Protection
    • Overview SHE Management
    • PHA 9 May 2013
  • Evaluation SMS PTTGC
  • Evaluation TF CAPP Training
  • Input Roadmap Development
  • Introductory Training Workshop Report (PDF | 1,1 Mb)
2nd Training:
Download complete package
(ZIP | 91Mb)
  • 2nd Training Workshop
  • CAPP-SL Project overview
  • Overview Flexible Framework
  • Classification Chemicals
  • Groupwork on Chemicals Classification
  • Defining Scope of CAPP Programme
  • Sri Lankan Industry Presentation
  • Process safety blind spots
  • Hazard Identification
  • Hazard Identification Exercise
  • Risk Communication
  • Risk Control
  • CAPP Inspections
  • CAPP-Inspection Questions + Discussion
  • Site Visit Preparation
  • Site visit ToR
  • Introduction to Petroleum Refinery
  • Site Visit ToR-Paint Industry
Closure Workshop:
Download complete package
(ZIP | 91Mb)
  • Closure Workshop Agenda
  • Overview of the CAPP Programme Launching Workshop
  • CAPP Programme for Sri Lanka Project Overview
  • The need for a CAPP Programme in SL Past chemical accidents and impacts
  • Overview of UNEP FFI, past activities and future plans in Asia Pacific Region
  • Review of the CAPP-SL project Milestones and Achievements
  • Group Discussion Points
  • Closure Workshop report
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